Hello, it’s been awhile! Was quite the election, wasn’t it? The best part was the showcasing of ineptitude, if not downright willful distortion of the facts, by Vancouver’s media. We can start with the Province and Sun, who loved printing every little bit of innuendo the NPA goons would serve up as “leaks.” It effectively […]

Since starting this blogging hobby about the news biz I’ve been shocked to see how often I end up writing backlash against post media or some other shit-ticket’s reckless disregard for the planet. It surprises me cause I’m not an environmentalist.  I care about the environment, think we’re using too much fossil fuels oppose fracking […]

I grew up in a small business family with a Dad working 12 hour days and a mom working at least 8 along side him before tending to us little ones. They owned a small new and used furniture store and also did larger sales to companies for office furniture. My folks paid their employees above […]

So a small, independent website (Vancouver Observer) broke what is an interesting read on Premier Christy Clark’s lobbying firm being hired by Enbridge back when she was guest hosting on CKNW. Seems Clark didn’t divulge a firm in which she’d invested was hired in this way and that it was also run out of her old Port […]

So, the truck drivers’ strike in Vancouver is in full swing and wouldn’t ya know it, the Port – backed by the liberals – is trying their hardest to not only smear the drivers, but to force them back to work. Media in Vancouver, thick shitheels that they are, is of course going right along […]

It’s been a sad last few weeks in Vancouver media. CKWX is asking question of its readers more than usual and Rob Ford jay-walking is more important than actual issues affecting British Columbians. But leave it to CBC to top it all with two stories today that have absolutely no business being under the “news” […]

So I watched Ken Burns’s “The Dust Bowl” last night and it really depressed me because the entire time I just kept drawing parallels between the dust bowl and British Columbia. The dust bowl, for those who don’t know, was one of the single greatest man made environmental catastrophes in the history of the planet. […]


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